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Top 5 tips on how to improve web design for increased sales

Jul 24, 2020

Website User experience’s impact on conversion rate

Are you an eCommerce business? Is the large majority of your business activity, sales and trading, online? Are you however experiencing a reduction in sales, traction and engagement? Are you looking for tips on how to improve your web design?

Just like any area of your business, you must refresh your web design, you must maintain a current shopfront. From its functionality ratings and load speed, to its usability across devices, there is a high correlation between the quality of your web design and sales.

It’s important to remember that your website is a multi-layered tool. Standing as a marketing touchpoint, as a form of communication, as an online store, and as a step in the decision-making process, your web presence can either help or hinder your sales, profit and overall business growth.

Whether you’re struggling with your sales, you’ve hit a stagnant point in business, or aim to scale-up your online image, improving your web design skills will be advantageous. Yet, as business owners, it can be challenging to wear each hat abundantly. With this in mind, to help you along the way, here’s our top 5 tips on how to improve web design for increased sales, ensuring that your online activity is directly impacting your success for the better. Alternatively, here at Maxweb Solutions, we can help you with both your web design and online image, securing stronger sales forecasts while utilising your website.


Why is your web design important?

Do you consistently update your web design? In the grand scheme of things, many business owners will in fact take a back seat with their web development and design. By this, they will allow their website to remain the same for a substantial amount of time, soon becoming outdated. Yet, this isn’t the case with other areas of business, such as social media marketing or advertising.

Down to inactive web design and development, many companies are in fact noticing a reduction in sales. Are you one of those companies? Are you however sceptical on the direct link between web design and sales?

Your web design is very important as it can control your position in the market, it can represent the quality of your offering and it can either support or deter you chances to be found online. All of these factors, if neglected, can contribute to a loss in sales.

It is important to remember that web businesses now play a large part in the decision-making process. Most customers or clients will utilise websites to source information, to compare products/services, to make a decision on a brand, and to purchase. Down to the great responsibility of your website, consistently improving your web design should be a routine activity. This is the only way you will benefit from consistent and increased sales.

To ease this routine for you, here’s our top 5 tips on how to improve web design for increased sales, traction and future custom.


Our top 5 tips on how to improve web design for increased sales

If you’re wondering how to improve your web design skills, with the aim to boost sales, there are a few easy yet impactful tips you can follow, outlined below. If you do however require a helping hand, here at Maxweb Solutions, we offer services which can exceed the goal of improving web design for increased sales.

Focus on usability and optimisation

The usability of your web page is very important. This will dictate how long your audience will remain on your website for, along with influencing whether a purchase will be made.

Considering the functionality of your web design will firstly be recommended. Here you should place yourself in your customer’s shoes. Can your website be used optimally on a mobile or tablet device? Is there an easy roadmap in place from your eCommerce store, to your check-out feature? Are your pages optimised to the ideal size?

By making these changes, you’ll have the chance to improve your web design for increased sales. Seamless functionality will provide a greater purchasing experience, in turn, motivating a purchase.

Improve your load speed

Your web load speed can reduce the number of website visitors you have, along with their online experience. By enabling a slow load speed, this can result in a negative representation of your offering as a business, along with causing impatience. In a world where mostly everything is accessible online, you want to ensure that a quick load speed is experienced, known to motivate greater sales.

Start by optimising your load speed through reducing the size of your files, by making regular updates, by testing your web design and how this impacts the visibility of your page.

Revaluate the functionality of your eCommerce site

Evaluations and changes are imperative when considering web design. We recommend viewing your web design with fresh eyes. Do you offer a seamless check-out process? Is your website easy to navigate? Is all important information online? Do you have a roadmap from the initial click-through, progressing the decision-making process? If not, it’s time to update your web design with the hope of increased sales.

Embrace user-generated content

Customers and clients will usually value the opinion of other users before making a purchase. If you are failing to showcase these opinions, this could be one of the areas you are going wrong, causing a direct impact on your sales.

We recommend changing your web design to include user-generated content. Whether that’s reviews, boasting images, click-throughs to social media accounts, or even a plug-in social media grid, visible on your web page. Here you will boost your credibility in the market, supporting the goal of increased sales.

Re-market to your existing web customers

If you’re lacking in sales, one proactive way you can increase them, without spending a significant amount of money is by re-marketing and repurposing your marketing content. By utilising calls to action, by pushing out a new email marketing campaign, linked to content on your website, you’ll have a great likelihood of motivating repeat purchases, helping to increase your sales.

To ensure that this can benefit you, you must update and uphold the quality of your web design, ensuring that you are delivering with your promises.

At Maxweb Solutions, we hope that our top 5 tips on how to improve web design for increased sales have inspired you. If you are however struggling with the web design element of your online image, we can take away this stress for you, by offering optimisation services, regular updates and SEO strategies. Reach out today to work on your web design, with the aim of securing increased sales moving forward.

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