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How to increase sales through Google maps

Jul 24, 2020

Do you incorporate Google Maps marketing into your SEO strategy? Are you tapping into your local market by ranking highly through online location searches?

Google Maps marketing is a new concept in the world of SEO. Understandably, search engine optimisation can be a challenging skill to master, especially if online marketing isn’t your forte. Yet, it’s important that this doesn’t devalue or put you off the invaluable tool of Google Maps.

Did you ever think that your business could pop up on maps? Many individuals believe that the maps tool is only used for directions. Well through clever optimisation techniques, you can tap into the maps tool, helping you reach further audiences, helping you penetrate your local market, helping you increase your sales and profit; offering benefits way beyond mere directions.

Here at Maxweb Solutions, we are passionate about helping our clients be seen and heard. Through tools, such as Google Maps, we have the capabilities to increase local awareness rates, along with benefiting from efficient conversions. Below is all you need to know about this undervalued tool, along with how to increase sales through Google Maps and SEO.

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What is Google Maps marketing?

Consumers are currently favouring accessibility and convenience. Through these behaviours, they are now using Google Maps to search for services within their local areas. Down to technological advancements, here is where Google Maps marketing shows itself.

By typing in a specific search, consumers will be welcomed with a local SEO 3-pack. This is the top 3 companies or services, which match search specifications, churned by search engines. By utilising the value of Google Maps marketing, you can increase your likelihood of reaching the higher-ranking results, even with the chance to compete with industry leaders.

Through optimisation techniques, you can list your brand over on the maps feature, where your details will pull through, where a pinpoint will highlight your location. By optimising your listing effectively, your company can pull up for the most specific and ideal conversions on Google, boosting your local traction and convenience for consumers.

Local online searches do in fact result in a large proportion of conversions. Down to the recognition, placed by Google, consumers will view your company as the most credible in your area. With this in mind, it’s important that you utilise Google Maps marketing, to benefit as a business.

Keep reading to understand the true benefits of effective optimisation, along with how to increase sales through Google Maps.


What are the benefits of Google Maps marketing?

You’ll increase your local visibility

Through Google Maps marketing, your name will soon be known within your local area. As consumers understand exactly what they want through their searches, through effective optimisation, your services will be highlighted. This will carry many benefits, from greater visibility and support locally, to higher engagement levels.

You’ll boost your credibility ratings

Business is extremely competitive. Nowadays, your online reputation is paramount. Through Google Maps, you’ll be recognised by the search engine, increasing your credibility ratings. This can also have a direct positive effect on your SEO strategies for social media and web formats.

You’ll increase footfall

By boosting your local awareness, there is a high chance that you will increase your footfall. More and more users of Google Maps will become aware of your services, helping you stand out as a high-quality and reliable option.

You’ll experience greater conversions

Currently, your conversions may be mediocre. By adding in an extra depth of Google SEO, the time frame of your usual decision-making process may be reduced by motivating efficient and definite conversions.

You’ll improve your customers experience

As a business, it is important that you prioritise customer experience. Through utilising Google Maps, you will offer convenience and greater accessibility for users.

You’ll increase sales

Through the above benefits, it’s very likely that you will also experience increase sales through Google Maps. As one of the most common business goals, you’ll be able to achieve this by simply boosting the local knowledge of your business.


How to increase sales through Google Maps

If you’re questioning, ‘how do I improve my ranking on Google Maps?’, if you’re hoping to experience the above benefits, with the aim to increase sales, here’s how.


It’s important that you optimise your listing correctly on Google. This will include your company name, address and phone number. These details are very important to complete your business profile. In addition to this, selecting specifications is a must, including your company category and the services you offer. Through accurate optimisation, including the promotion of your website, you’ll be in a stronger position to increase your traction, ultimately in place to increase sales through Google Maps.


You must optimise your tagline and introduction on Google Maps. When online users search for services or products, they are usually quite specific. By including your exact service, your USP, and your location in your introduction, you’ll have a greater chance of ranking highly over Google. Down to the clear association, your listing will commonly be passed as credible by Google Maps.


Investing into local search ads on the tool will be recommended. How to increase sales through Google Maps can be answered and enhanced here, by increasing views, by increasing click-throughs, by increasing in-store visits and purchases. Throughout ads, you can also include your latest offers or discounts, in place to promote greater conversions, in turn, increase sales.


By encouraging Google reviews, your credibility will likely increase. Down to the link between Google reviews and maps, users will stumble across your reviews while completing a localised search. By promoting positive reviews, your chances of converting new customers is very likely, in turn, increasing your sales.

‘How to increase sales through Google Maps?’ is a prevalent question within SEO technique, helping businesses understand the power of online searching. By following the above steps, you can reap the benefits of Google Maps marketing, with the aim to make it to the local SEO 3-pack.

By cleverly optimising your listing on Google Maps, your SEO will be integrated, also increasing visits to your website, to your social media profiles and your stores. If you have any questions on Google Maps marketing or hope to utilise our expertise in the field here at Maxweb Solutions, reach out today.

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