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Top reasons why your business needs a digital marketing strategy

Jun 30, 2020

In today’s digital era, many companies still go by without a clear and defined digital marketing strategy. Yet, they continue to spend, they continue to churn content, and they continue to blur into the market. Are you one of those companies?

The market is now highly competitive, full of companies offering similar value to yours. In order to differentiate, in order to attract new customers/clients, in order to retain those customers/clients and in order to grow, you must have a sustainable digital marketing strategy.

The term digital marketing is heavily thrown around. Many in fact have little understanding of its true meaning. Others will attempt to tackle the whole topic of digital marketing, which can be complex and hefty.

This is exactly why all businesses need a digital marketing strategy, in place, to guide them, to inspire them, to rein them in, to support their decisions. Here at Maxweb Solutions, we specialise in digital marketing solutions, with strategy as a proactive offering. We understand how challenging today’s market can be. Yet through our collaborations, we make marketing a worthwhile investment, tackling those challenges head on.

Here is a breakdown on the importance of strategy, along with some top reasons why your business needs a digital marketing strategy. If you happen to fall into this category, where limited results are currently experienced, contact our team today.


What is a digital marketing strategy?

A digital marketing strategy, in short, is your company’s strategy to market, advertise and engage your offering, online. It is a plan, mapped out across channels, across timeframes, across specialities, across campaigns to ensure that your digital marketing goals can be met.

Whether you’re hoping to attract new customers, enter a new market, or target a completely new demographic, a digital marketing strategy will guide you to reach this milestone.

Digital marketing strategies for small business, large business, b2b business, b2c business developing business, and start-up business are all necessary. No matter your size, industry or goals, having a sustainable and proactive digital marketing strategy is the only way that you’re going to grow, increase your visibility and reach your business goals.

This is exactly why your business needs a digital marketing strategy, as those successful industry players have one, and utilise it. By considering your strengths, your weaknesses, your opportunities and your threats, you’ll have steps in place to make use of your business strategy for digital marketing.


Why your business needs a digital marketing strategy

Why your business needs a digital marketing strategyIf you happen to fall within the below statements, it looks like your business needs a digital marketing strategy shakeup. Below are many downfalls of a weak or non-existent digital marketing strategy, along with the benefits you can experience by investing.

  • You’re struggling to differentiate yourself

Are you struggling to stand out in your market? Has your content fallen flat? Maybe you’re struggling to get noticed? This is exactly why your business needs a digital marketing strategy. By testing content, by pinpointing your USP, by translating your USP into marketing activity, you will soon differentiate yourself to competitors.

  • You’re copying your competitors

Do you find that you copy what other companies do in your industry? Are you following trends, rather than making them yourself? Many companies without a strong digital marketing strategy will copy what their competitors do. This goes hand in hand with the above downfall. Yet, by understanding who you are as a brand, and your marketing goals, you’ll soon have your own journey to follow, through strategy.

  • You have little understanding of your strengths, weaknesses and how to use them

Every company should understand their strengths and weaknesses. This will benefit different areas of digital marketing and business as a whole. Through a SWOT analysis, commonly a large part of strategy, you will understand how to use your strengths and weaknesses to your advantage.

  • You’re attempting to utilise all marketing channels

This is very common for businesses who lack a clear digital marketing strategy and an understanding of what digital marketing is. There are a wide range of channels to consider in marketing. Some will be ideal for your company, while others will bring little value. By utilising all, this is a clear sign that your business needs a digital marketing strategy, personalised around customer segments, channel functionality and brand awareness.

  • You’re lost, without any clarity or marketing milestones

Do you feel lost as a business? Are you struggling to define goals? Are you finding it hard to translate your brand personality over your channels? It sounds like you need a shakeup with your digital strategy. Now is the time to bounce around ideas, get creative and ensure that scope is available within your digital marketing strategy. By doing this, you will find your purpose, your brand, your persona as a business.

  • You’re disorganised

Do you find that you’re sharing content at disengaged times? Do you find that you’ll post anything and everything, even if it doesn’t resonate with your target audience? This will be down to disorganisation, by following a weak or non-existent marketing strategy.

  • Your digital visibility is lacking

If you’re struggling to be seen or heard, online, your business needs a digital marketing strategy facelift. Understanding your most populated channels will be a good place to start, while also identifying your opportunities in the market.

  • You’re disintegrated

Integration is key for consistency, for organisation, for a strong presence. If you’re failing to achieve these factors, you’ll likely be disintegrated, by failing to merge your digital strategy with your business strategy. Business development strategies in digital marketing are very important. They go hand in hand. Everything in your business should be merged to offer a consistent image, standard and brand. Having a strategy can ease this integration.

  • You’re poorly optimised

A digital marketing strategy for new business or developing business should prioritise optimisation. Being found and seen online is very important. If you’re failing to be seen on search engines, your digital content may be poorly optimised. Through a new digital marketing strategy, you can work to optimise your online footprint, contributing to your marketing goals.

If the above statements resonate with you, it sounds like your business needs a digital marketing strategy shakeup. Having a digital marketing strategy carries many benefits. Yet having a strong digital marketing strategy can transform your brand, your offering and your value as a business.

Invest your money wisely by opting for a sustainable and results driven digital marketing strategy. We can assist you with this here at Maxweb Solutions, offering great value for money through our digital specialisms.

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