SEO Tips Every Marketer Should Know

Jun 30, 2020

As marketers, it’s our job to keep on top of trends. It’s our role to understand exactly how to market a product, service, brand or company, in the most effective way. In today’s world, a heavy focus is on online visibility, on reach, on rankings.

SEO has now become a massive part of digital marketing. If you do not utilise SEO, building strong links and understanding keyword distribution, as a general digital marketer, you’re already doing something wrong. Yet, many other marketers are also devaluing SEO by skipping over the basics, by attempting to follow ineffective yet easier SEO strategies, overriding best practices.

Unfortunately, without following the basics, without a strong foundation of SEO, results will not reach their potential. Search engines will penalise you for it. Here at Maxweb Solutions, we are passionate about effective digital marketing strategies that get results. We’re even more passionate about high-quality SEO, about organic #1 rankings, following best practices.

So, we couldn’t go by without reminding the industry of the most important SEO tips, to utilise throughout online content marketing and search engine optimisation strategies.


Why is SEO important?

We’re sure many of you will understand, utilise and value SEO. However, for those who are new to digital marketing, here’s a quick overview.

SEO, known as search engine optimisation, is the best practice of driving and increasing the quality of traffic to your website through search engines. It’s working on your website, landing page or content to improve click-throughs, conversions and on-page timescales.

There are many different avenues of SEO to consider as marketers. There are the basics which act as a foundation, which many marketers are now pushing to the backburner. However, through this neglect, they are devaluing their entire SEO strategy, they are reducing their visibility, they are providing the opportunity for other websites to outrank them.

One of our key SEO tips is to stick to the basics. Once you’ve firmly achieved that, you’ll have the capacity to be creative and strengthen your SEO strategy. Until then, here’s our business SEO tips, that every marketer should know and follow…


SEO tips for digital marketing success

We’re sure that you’ve heard some of these tips over and over again. Yet, by neglecting them, your SEO efforts will not be worth it. Here’s a reminder of how to build a strong foundation for SEO.

  • Create and share distinctive content

Content marketing is a heavily saturated area of digital marketing. However, more and more marketers are starting to recycle content. They will believe that this is a clever move, saving them time and effort. Yet, outdated or overused content doesn’t sit well with search engines.

With this in mind, creating and sharing distinctive content is one of our key SEO tips. Any good marketer should know this, yet through the content we see, consistently churned across social media platforms and web pages, we’re starting to think that many are forgetting the quality over quantity battle.

Content should be fresh; it should have a purpose. It should educate, inspire, engage. Without a key purpose, you’ll have less readers, you’ll have less click- throughs, reducing your ranking signals across search engines.

Refining your content is a great starting point, prior to integrating SEO techniques.

  • Treat keywords with respect

Now more than ever, keyword stuffing is employed. Here is where the readability and quality of content will reduce by overusing keywords. This violates best practices of SEO, by attempting to manipulate search engines.

However, search engines now know the tricks. They measure the quality of your content by basing it off on-site timescales. If a reader stays on your page and ultimately reads through your content, it’s likely that you’ll have an engaging piece, with a purpose; increasing your ranking. Yet, if readers are on and off your page like lightning, if your content is hard to read or boring down to keyword stuffing, your value will decrease, reducing your ranking capabilities.

Treating keywords with respect is one of the SEO ranking tips all marketers should know. Without utilising it, your content will be pointless.

  • Look beyond crowded keywords

Keywords are a big part of SEO, so we’re visiting them twice. Many marketers will use crowded keywords, which are popular terms, commonly searched by target audiences. The danger of this strategy is that your content can become lost down to an over saturated search. Our SEO tips focus on authenticity. Look beyond crowded keywords by utilising keywords which are relevant and on topic yet are used less.

Search engines will still understand your aim and your content theme. Mixing both crowded keywords and secondary keywords will increase your ranking capabilities.

  • Keep on top of your site

How often do you update your website? Do you add new content? Do you update old content? Do you work on its usability? Do you embed new, more relevant keywords? If not, you’re already devaluing your website.

Ongoing works should take place on your website, to increase its value, to remain relevant and to keep on top of your SEO. Here you’ll have greater likelihood of attracting your readers and motivating their on-site activity.

  • Follow best practices

SEO trends are constantly changing, as are search engines. It is very important that you keep on top of and follow best practices. By doing so, you’ll stand out to search engines, you’ll utilise the key features of SEO, and you’ll uphold your value and position, online.

  • Avoid low-quality links

The purpose of embedding external links throughout your content is to increase the value of your offering, to boost the engagement of your material. By following our foundational SEO management tips, including this one, search engines will reward you for them.

Go for high-quality external links. Select links that will add value and relevance to your content. Build relationships to improve rankings. However, we do recommend avoiding content which already ranks highly for your keyword. This will deviate the attention from your content, ultimately motivating greater rankings for your competition.

Avoid broken, low-quality external links – treat them like your internal links.

  • Keep your speed up

A slow website will get you nowhere. Your on-site conversions will reduce, your credibility will decrease, your SEO efforts will have been for nothing.

Although this is common knowledge, readers will leave your website and go elsewhere if your website is slow. You must keep your speed up, along with the functionality rates of your site. You should analyse your load-up speed regularly, update your website frequently, ensure that content is fit for both web and mobile usability. Then you’ll know that your website is fit for purpose, by following top SEO tips.


SEO support via Maxweb Solutions

We hope that this overview will inspire marketers to revert to the basics, to build a strong SEO foundation. We trust that our SEO tips will bring greater value to your content, boosting your organic rankings.

SEO is a full-time job. You must maintain your efforts to experience its full capacity. If you require support with your SEO strategy, we are specialists, available to assist.

For more digital marketing and SEO tips, keep an eye out on our blog.

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SEO Tips Every Marketer Should Know