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Using popular hashtags to boost followers

Jun 18, 2019

Words or phrases preceded by a ‘#’ symbol, otherwise known as hashtags, are a form of digital marketing which offers a way to categorise content and make it easier for people to find online. Twitter and Instagram rely the most on hashtags, but they are also used on Facebook, Pinterest and Google+.

For any business trying to boost their followers on their social media accounts, hashtags are one of the most useful tools, alongside influencer marketing campaigns and creating killer content that is likely to be shared and responded to.

When a person searches for a hashtag online, they will be given a list of posts which have used that hashtag to browse through. This list is a great way to find influencers, as well as relevant posts.

How high up on that list your own post will appear depends on a number of factors, including:

  • How often the hashtag has been used. A bigger pool of posts using that tag will obviously create more competition for your own post.
  • How recently you shared the post.
  • How popular your post is. The more likes and comments it receives, the higher up on the list it will go.
  • How popular your page is. The more followers you have, and the more engaged they are, the more likely it is that your post will be pushed to the top of the list. Posts by social media influencers tend to rise to the top of these lists.

What are daily hashtags?

Daily hashtags are popular hashtags used on various social media platforms, which relate to specific days of the week. Many businesses and micro influencers use these hashtags as a source of inspiration for content creation, as part of their word of mouth marketing, and to encourage fans and followers to share their posts. Using tags helps you to increase engagement with your followers and, hopefully, grow your business by reaching new ones.

There are lots of daily hashtags out there, some more popular than others, and some more popular on one platform than another. The key thing to remember as a business is that the hashtags you use should relate to your industry, and confer some form of positive social influence.

How to use daily hashtags

Keep an eye on hashtags even if you have been using them for a long time. Hashtag meanings can change over time and be overtaken by different meanings that you might not want associated with your brand. Search your own hashtag before you use it to see what others are posting in relation to it. If you find that it no longer benefits your business, don’t be afraid to switch to something else.

It isn’t necessary to make your posts completely original every time. If you find something relevant that you really like under one of your regular daily hashtags, don’t be afraid to retweet or regram (with permission) to your followers and let them join in the fun.

You should also be aware of how many tags will get the best engagement for your post. You don’t want more than 3 on Twitter, but you can use up to 30 on Instagram for the same impact.

Daily hashtag examples


A great start to the week is a positive, motivational post. You could share inspirational quotes, health and fitness content, challenges and positive stories.

Another positive tag, which promotes positive self-reflection and a healthy mind.

Content might include cute and funny content designed to cheer followers up. This is also a great tag to use for a promotion or discount – ‘Beat the Monday Blues!’.


This is an opportunity to talk about how far you have come as a business, or how far your current customers have come using your product or service. This is a popular tag for health and fitness brands who are working with influencers.

With #TopicTuesday you can start a conversation with your followers, based around a trending topic in your industry or something that is relevant to your products or followers.

A popular tag on Instagram, #TravelTuesday encourages you to share images from your travels, places you suggest your followers visit or even just beautiful landscapes. Promote brand awareness under this tag by photographing your products there or use a celebrity influencer to promote your service whilst travelling.


Another famous tag that offers plenty of scope for content marketing, the #HumpDay tag usually carries with it cheerful and inspirational content to spur people on for the rest of the week.

Halfway through the week, followers need a bit of positivity to keep them going and this tag is best for posting feel-good stories, or things which make you feel grateful or happy.

Wednesdays are also about pushing through to the end of the week, and there is no better way than getting some real exercise in before the slow down for the weekend kicks in. A health or fitness brand could use this easily, with the right type of influencer, but other brands should think inventively of how to harness this tag.


Similar to #TopicTuesday, this hashtag gives you scope to discuss important issues in your industry, with a more personal bent as you offer your own opinions.

Post messages of inspiration and things that your followers can do to inspire positivity in themselves and others. Inspirational quotes and beautiful images often accompany this hashtag.

The perfect hashtag for those in the food and drink or hospitality industries, this can also be useful for health brands to promote new drinks and other products. You may even go so far as to create a drink for your brand and share it under this tag.

#TBT or #ThrowbackThursday
One of the web’s most well-used hashtags, this is the opportunity for you to share past products, images of your team from years ago or even humorous posts about decades past that tie in with your industry. For example, a fashion retailer might post a ‘what were we thinking?’ post showcasing terrible style choices from past decades.


Another inspirational tag, you can use this tag as a platform to show off areas in which you have taken risks that have paid off in the past. Or you can reveal new products or services that break the mould.

#FollowFriday, or #FF
This is an ideal tag for small business owners, as you encourage your followers to go and look at other brands and services in your industry that you admire. It is common practice for these pages to return the favour later on and this could be an excellent boost to your follower count.

Use this tag to reveal new promotions or start competitions that encourage followers to share your post or non-followers to like your page.


A silly yet well-loved tradition online, #Caturday simply invites you and your followers to share pictures of your cats and funny images of cats that you have found.

Businesses may use this tag to personalise themselves and share an image of a team member on this day.

Similar to #FollowFriday, you can use this to recommend other businesses, or to give a shout out to fans and followers who have been particularly active on your page. This encourages future engagement and makes fans feel noticed.


Go for something a bit more personal and advertise what you are personally reading, or suggest reading material which ties in with your brand or industry to your target audience.

Perfect for beauty brands, this hashtag promotes various ways of pampering and looking after yourself.

A way for you to promote yourself if you are a startup, or give a boost to someone else, who may return the favour later on.

What next

Get hash tagging now and see how successful it can be for your company and brand. Take inspiration from our suggestions and experiment to see what gets you the results you want.

The team at MaxWeb can lend a hand with all your online advertising and promotion so why not give us a call to see how we can help. Give us a call on 0151 652 4777 or email to find out more.

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