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Ways to Effectively Maximize Link Building in your Social Media Strategy

Jun 30, 2020

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Maximizing link building

Social media marketing has of course overhauled traditional marketing efforts. Although both forms continue to offer value, if you’re failing to incorporate social media activity into your overarching marketing strategy, you’re missing out.

If you’re making use of these free and indispensable tools, are you maximising your efforts through link building? To many, link building through social media is new. However, it’s been around for some time, undervalued. To those who do not use link building in their social media strategy, you’re also missing out.

Link building is an effective way to improve SEO rankings, engagement levels, online conversions and general visibility. It ties your efforts together, it provides consistency, it strengthens your presence; which is very handy, when considering overpopulated social media platforms and the internet in general.

For the best results, start to familiarise yourself with social media platforms. They have their similarities, their differences and their unique ways of incorporating links. From here, grasping effective ways to merge social media and your link building strategy will set you on your way, ready to experience its collaborative value.

In this blog, we will run through helpful ways to maximise link building in your social media strategy, along with support that we can offer here at Maxweb Solutions to uphold your online presence.


What is link building?

In short, link building is defined as techniques used to increase the credibility of internal website links. The key aim of link building is to boost the attractiveness of branded resources, with the intention to increase their usability and presence on other websites, known as backlinks.

There are many benefits of link building. One of the key benefits focuses on credibility and value propositions, ultimately improving SEO rankings. If content (links) are heavily referenced by other sites, search engines will acknowledge this, identifying the link as valuable. Over time, SEO rankings will increase, a healthy link profile will form, directly influencing many marketing benefits.

Merging link building in your social media strategy is an effective way to increase awareness, outreach ratings, and content circulation. Without utilising link building strategies for social media shares, engagement and connections, your capabilities to build a strong profile will reduce substantially.

As a helping hand, here are the best ways to maximise social media link building.


Link building in social media – how to maximise it

Ways to effectively Maximize Link building in your social media strategyIf you’re new to link building, social media, or their collaboration, keep reading. Below are some effective, easy ways you can make use of link building in social media, benefiting from the reach and scale of populated platforms.

  • Use short, branded links where possible

To the eye, links are unattractive. Some links can take up a substantial amount of space, devaluing your attached copy or post. To improve your click-throughs, over social media, using short, branded links will be encouraged. They will appear as trustworthy, as credible, as concise.

The quality and formation of your links is very important. Broken or low-quality links are pointless. Long, drawn out links are unappealing, identified as spam like. Branding your links can improve their strength and acknowledgment, while boosting audience confidence.

Social media is full of low and high-quality content. Aim for the latter through shorter, strong links.


Cross-link social profiles

Are you active across multiple social media channels? In order to benefit from cross-linking, consistent activity across at least 2 channels is a must.

Cross-linking across social profiles is a great way to build trust. It shows consistency, it ties your content and branding together, it offers clear communication and it keeps your audience in the loop. Unfortunately, followers do not naturally cross-link. If someone follows you on Facebook, this will not directly influence their support on Twitter.

A great way to increase cross-link support is by sharing links from one profile, to another. However, it is important that the content is suitable for each platform, carefully optimised.

By following this link-building strategy, across social media, you’ll have the chance to increase your followings, known to have a direct effect on your website activity, conversions and profile links. Not to mention, you’ll likely increase your engagement levels over social media, which is a result any company will happily welcome.


Promote calls to action in your bios

One consistent feature across social media platforms is your bio. Here you can share details about your company, along with calls to action.

For example, say you’re promoting a sale on your latest Instagram post. You can share the link to that sale in your bio, offering a convenient and quick conversion. Through this link building tactic, you’re likely to experience higher click-through rates, increasing your reach and visibility.

Trust levels will also increase by showcasing links in your bio, as followers will view them as legitimate and reliable.


Utilise the key features of each social media platform

Above, we recommended that you familiarise yourself with each social media platform. This will benefit you greatly when link building for social media purposes. Likewise, you’ll understand the key features of each platform, to organically embed your links.

For example, across Instagram, you can share stories. Within those stories, you can promote products or services, by embedding a swipe up link. This swipe up will then connect to your website, offering easy access. However, without understanding Instagram, you may miss this feature, reducing your link building capabilities.


Boost your online presence with Maxweb Solutions

Link building in your social media strategy is an invaluable technique, carrying many benefits (which we’ve shared above). For the best results, familiarising yourself with the best practise of link building and social media platforms will be encouraged.

The online world can however be complex and challenging to keep a hold of. If you’re hoping to boost your online presence or make use of link building, we can help you here at Maxweb Solutions.

Through our digital specialities, we can harness the value of link building in social media, along with further specialisms, including SEO and content creation. Reach out today to discuss your digital needs.

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