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SEO Wirral

Search Engine Optimisation for your site that Google Loves!


Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the process of achieving improved search engine rankings for chosen keywords or key phrases. By following guidelines set out by the major search engines (Google and Bing) we can ensure your site has the best chance of ranking high..

The internet is a crowded market, but with a website that is optimised for search engines, your business will have a greater chance of being found by potential clients. SEO can create more traffic and much more revenue for your website!  We often run SEO alongside a well structured Pay Per Click campaign (PPC) too. PPC can provide us with more instant results, you can read more about this on our Adwords PPC page. 

The right SEO Company can make the difference and our Wirral based company has proven results.



Web users find the majority of what they are searching for through search engines. By using SEO to optimise your website for search engines we canhelp you ompete with larger businesses on a potential international marketplace. Unlike print and screen advertising SEO is measurable right down to which search term was searched to find your website. We recognise that there is a difference between local business and nationwide businesses. So generating leads from your website may require SEO in Wirral or something on a larger scale. Maxweb Solutions can get your Wirral website into page 1 of Google for your chosen keywords and phrases.

Not sure that search engines can generate enough business? Try launching a pay per click campaign (PPC) campaign. This will get your website quickly seen in search engine results, with a small fee paid whenever somebody visits. Visit our PPC page for more information.




Optimising a site so that it ranks well in search engines involves research as well as on page and off page factors.

Keyword research is carried out at the start of a project to ensure that the terms to be optimised for are achievable and sufficient in traffic. You don't want to optimise for key phrases no one uses when they search!

On page factors include the text content of the site, meta-data, titles, headings, descriptions and search engine friendly URLs and ensuring that the search engine crawlers can crawl freely. This may also involve cleaning up the html and css code of the site. Maxweb also offer web design using valid XHTML and CSS which is a massive advantage when optimising. Off page factors include a process of link building using directories, listings and other relevant websites to boost your website popularity in search engines.



We require an initial setup fee before we begin any work ranging from £200 to £1500 depending on your website size, structure and content. A monthly fee will then be charged to keep the content fresh, continue social media work (inc. Twitter, Facebook etc.), writing and submitting articles and generally getting your website to a high ranking fo your search keywords and phrases! We are based in Wirral, but our clients are located across the United Kingdom and Ireland.

For more information on our SEO Wirral services or to arrange a meeting so we can discuss what we can do for you please call us on 0151 691 4939 or email us at [email protected]


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