4 Ways SEO And Web Design Go Together

Sep 24, 2021

For a website to perform and fulfil its objectives, it must be both visible and functional. Without visibility, the offering across such a weighty platform will be missed. Without functionality, the journey towards such a platform will be pointless, making visitors leave and possibly avoid future click-throughs. Here’s where the significant connection between SEO and web design transpires.

Unfortunately, some companies fail to grasp this connection, either ploughing too much effort into their rankings or design and aesthetic appeal. However, without the right balance, delivering on a range of digital marketing objectives will be challenging. Moving visitors through the customer experience journey will be impossible, failing to join some essential dots together.

From optimisation efforts and design functionality to developing trust, a positive user experience and a purpose-driven user journey, there are many mutual roles of SEO and web design.

Here are 4 ways SEO and web design go together, helping to deliver on such objectives. We at MaxWeb Solutions can help you design and develop a website that focuses on both disciplines, ready to perform across search engines.


What is SEO?

Search engine optimisation (SEO) is a digital tool with significant importance. Using SEO techniques and principles across online content helps increase the value and relevance of digital activity, ranked across chief search engines.

Effective SEO helps progress visitors from search engines to your website simply through a deliverable search. Following SEO guidelines and cleverly prioritising such activity throughout webpages, blogs, and social content will contribute to higher rankings, making such transition from A to B a credible one.

SEO assists with making a website visible, contributing towards the objectives of awareness, engagement, and customer conversions. It also starts the user experience journey, acting as the vehicle towards the important destination of your website. Yet, web design quality and functionality must also be prioritised to sustain such objectives to benefit from such efforts.

Here’s the beneficial connection between SEO and web design, coming together to boost web performance.


4 ways SEO and web design go together

They both speak to search engines
Search engines, such as Google, are the starting point for every search. SEO activity must be consistent, relevant, legitimate, and purposeful to be noticed and ranked as credible by such search engines. Search engines must accept its structure, appeal, and usability to engage and advance visitors through to a web page. Both aims, when fulfilled, deliver a search engine-friendly website, speaking to the technical aspect of digital marketing.

They impact load speed.
One of the 4 ways SEO and web design go together is through their impacts on load speed. Optimised content will help to deliver a quick click-through process. Seamless web design will also allow for an efficient visit. Without the other will fail to influence a rapid load speed across mobile, laptop and desktop structures, resulting in a frustrating and worthless visit.

They influence functionality
Functionality is essential to engage with and convert web visitors. Suppose a website fails to deliver generic services. In that case, this will impact the user journey, making it difficult to manoeuvre around a website, find important information and act on calls to action.

SEO techniques promote functionality through optimised content, effective keyword distribution, precise and targeted written content and distinct strategy. Web design delivers on functionality through both UX and UI design, considering the experience and interface of a platform.

Hand in hand, SEO and web design impact how functional, usable and enjoyable a website visit is.

They create trust and a positive user experience.
Alongside technical objectives, a website must be user-friendly, delivered through a seamless connection between SEO and web design. Both reflect trust, define credibility, contribute to a positive experience, and add humanisation to technology.

Again, one without the other will fail to deliver such standards across a web experience, impacting bounce back rates, competitiveness, and time on page metrics.


The right balance between SEO and web design

Achieving the right balance between SEO and web design is very important. As the above highlights, one without the other can deplete web efforts and objectives, failing to deliver a 360-quality experience.

It’s also essential that the right balance between technical and human objectives is present. A tech-heavy strategy can push away interaction, while a heavy human strategy can diminish rankings.

To achieve the right balance, it’s therefore essential to merge both SEO and web design strategies together to thrive off their connection. Decisions should be made around both and how they will respond throughout search and user experiences.


SEO and web design services at MaxWeb Solutions

Reasonably, great skill is behind both SEO and web design, making it challenging to achieve the right balance. We at MaxWeb Solutions are here with a range of relevant services to create and maintain a mutual strategy to benefit web efforts.

We specialise in SEO, from content creation and keyword research to our Google Partners relationship. We’re also highly experienced in web design and development, creating seamless and results-driven structures and experiences.

Merged, we can help you benefit from our web design and SEO Wirral based services, also serving the surrounding area from our reputable agency.

The above 4 ways SEO and web design go together are just a few areas of focus. We can provide a complete strategy focusing on their connection to elevate your digital content and platforms’ quality, performance, rankings, and functionality. Reach out for more information on how our services can support both your online presence and company.

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