Importance Of SEO For Video

Oct 08, 2021

Search engine optimisation (SEO) is a significant part of content marketing. It’s usually associated with content such as copy and imagery, offering both human and tech-driven experiences. Not only does quality SEO help with rankings, but it also targets and engages relevant audiences.

Yet, another type of content can benefit from SEO, adding additional value to your content marketing strategy.

Video and SEO have a significant relationship. Video itself offers immersive online experiences. Paired with SEO, those experiences can reach and be encountered by global audiences. Not to mention the instrumental part that video now plays in the decision-making process.

There are many benefits to optimising video content, offering independent results and contributing to an overarching strategy. Your online business can benefit from doing just that with our guidance here at MaxWeb Solutions.

Here’s the importance of SEO for video, along with some guidance on how to optimise your content moving forward.


What Is Video SEO?

Similar to how SEO works for written content, it helps to increase the credibility, engagement, and value of video. It not only interacts with search engines, but it also helps to pull up video content due to customer keyword searches.

Whilst similar, video SEO does have its differences when compared with written content. Techniques are different, as are relevant search engines, with a focus on YouTube. Yet those differences show the importance of SEO for video; following an individual strategy can also add value to an overarching SEO strategy.

Think about a recent search that you’ve completed. Alongside websites and articles, there’s a high chance that video content also made the cut. This is due to effective video SEO techniques.

Video content has seen significant growth over recent years. Users prefer the engaging, immersive and realism of video content. It’s become a step within the decision-making process, helping to improve user experience. Due to this, video SEO has developed an important role within content marketing.


Importance Of SEO For Video

If video is a part of your content marketing strategy, optimising your content is essential. Without a clear strategy in place, your content will be engulfed by the masses of videos hosted across the likes of YouTube, Vimeo, and Instagram. Whilst you may have invested time, money and effort into your video content, there’s a high chance that it will fail to deliver your goals without SEO.

By using specific SEO techniques for video, significant results can be found across impressions, engagements and even customer conversions. Video has become a key player across social media marketing, can compete against written content, plays its part within link building strategies, and, if optimised correctly, can have an even greater impact on enticing and capturing attention.

Video is, in fact, ranked as the most favoured type of online content. 93% of research participants found video to be the most influential when making a purchase. These figures alone show the importance of SEO for video, ensuring that content is seen, ranked, and deliverable.

Whilst it may seem easy to combine video and SEO, by using existing techniques, it’s, in fact, crucial that video-specific optimisation is completed. Here’s how to optimise videos for SEO purposes, to benefit from their value.


How To Optimise Videos For SEO?

Set your video goals

It’s essential to set some goals when considering your video content. You’ll want to make sure that your SEO efforts can perform by meeting your goals. Make sure that they are realistic and can contribute to your overarching SEO performance.

Are you looking for greater social media awareness? Are you hoping for higher click-throughs on your website? Are you looking to build some quality links? Are you hoping to increase your engagement levels?

With awareness of your goals, you’ll be prepared to make some important choices around your SEO strategy.


Choose a video platform.

Once you’re aware of your goals, you’ll need to choose a video platform. YouTube is the most popular, the most functional, and the most reliable. Yet, depending on your goals, you may prefer to use a video hosting platform to embed into your website.


Embed video transcripts

Whilst video is engaging for its sound and movement; many users instead make use of subtitles. Understandably, video isn’t suitable for every environment. Yet subtitles are much more interactive than written content, adjusting the landscape of video.

By embedding video transcripts, you’ll ensure that your content is functional and can be used across user behaviours. It will also ensure that your video content is perceived as useful, credible, and purposeful, even whilst muted.


Consider your thumbnail

To help with the engagement levels of your video content, you’ll need to consider its appearance. Your thumbnail will be the first design element that will be viewed through a search. Your thumbnail should be high-quality, relevant, and enticing. If your video appears to be of low quality and unreliable, it will fail SEO’s human and technical tests.


Choose a keyword motivated title and description.

Like traditional SEO, you’ll need to complete keyword research. You should select relevant keywords which are popular yet can still break through the online noise. SEO for video should be purpose-driven, meaning that your title and description should be connective with audiences and search engines.


Place focus on your video.

The importance of SEO for video is evident when considering its possible performance. Yet to perform, great focus must be placed on your video content. Your on-page content around your video should be optimised, your video should be embedded in the order of importance, and it should be clearly positioned to attract instant engagement.


Share your video

If your video content is optimised and is continuously developed, it will likely rank across search engines. Yet to boost its performance and help you achieve your goals, sharing your content will be recommended. This is a great contributor to social media marketing, providing different types of engaging content to share and promote.

Video is also the highest performing form of content across social media, meaning that you can benefit both your social presence and your search rankings.

There is the significant importance of SEO for video, helping to turn immersive content into a results-driven strategy. We at MaxWeb Solutions can help you achieve this through our range of services. From social media marketing, ecommerce SEO services, PPC and AdWords management, and content creation, we can help you home in on your SEO strategy.

Reach out to optimise your video content with performance in mind.



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