6 Ways To Set Up An SEO Content Strategy

May 28, 2021

We’re sure that you’ve heard the term ‘content is king’, circulated around the digital marketing world. This is true, as content marketing now drives a considerable amount of traffic, exposure, conversions and of results.

However, in order to secure the value of content, there needs to be more to its presence than a block of copy and a set of visuals without any purpose, without KPI’s and without thought-out intentions.

You’ll want your content to have a purpose, to justify the time, money and effort that you invest into its production, circulation and maintenance, and you’ll also want it to contribute and enhance your overarching marketing goals.

As there’s more to content marketing than meets the eye, especially when considering strategy and content planning, we at Maxweb Solutions believe in sharing the importance of such efforts, along with some tips to produce and manage an SEO driven content plan.

Here are 6 ways to set up an SEO content strategy, along with the importance of doing so, and how we can stand as an instrumental part of the entire process for you, to in fact make content king.


The importance of having an SEO content strategy

Masses of content are churned across digital platforms and marketing channels. Some of which will be invaluable on a long-term basis, and some will carry little effect, ultimately standing as filler content. The latter will usually lack any form of strategy, especially surrounding the now necessary digital tool of SEO.

Having an SEO content strategy is important, to get noticed, to gain traction and to convert audiences into customers and engagers, content must have a purpose, and must also follow an SEO structure.

Content must be ranked as valuable, as credible, as purpose-driven and as a part of the customer decision-making process to stand out.

Without an SEO content strategy, it will be very difficult to create content that fulfils overarching marketing goals, that makes use of the effect of SEO, that stands as worthwhile and that benefits your online offering.

Yet with a strategy, you’ll have a plan in place to define the production and circulation of your content, to meet the needs of SEO guidelines and intentions.

Strategy is necessary for every area of business, every area of marketing, and every area of content planning. Understanding what type of content to create and why, when to post, meeting KPI’s and making adaptations are all invaluable steps to take on board throughout content marketing.

Here are 6 ways to set up an SEO content strategy, acting as steps to help you develop a strategy and make use of it.


6 ways to set up an SEO content strategy

Creating content for marketing purposes can be easy once a strategy is in place, to fulfil SEO needs, to make use of time and resources, and to also benefit principal marketing goals.


1.Develop and prioritise your business objectives

Before creating any content, it’s vital to understand the purpose of such content, to match your business objectives. There’s no point in creating content for an unsuitable demographic or motivating a pointless action if such efforts do not focus on your customer segments and on the actions of such customers.

To develop a strategy around your content, you should therefore consider your objectives of investing in content. Why do you need content? How do you hope to rank across SEO measures? What are your KPI’s around content marketing?

By focusing on your end goals, you’ll be able to work backwards to secure the suitability of your SEO content strategy.


2. Pinpoint effective keywords

The next step of our 6 ways to set up an SEO content strategy focuses on keyword research. This is one of the most important steps when considering your SEO efforts, as your keyword selection can dictate the success of your content.

It’s about selecting keywords that describe and connect with your offering. Such keywords would naturally be used by your audience and customers, online, which should help you with your selection.

Depending on your goals, a range of short or long-tailed keywords will be best, to meet your needs when considering reach and conversions.


3. Make use of your keywords

Your keywords should influence your content ideas and strategy. Using them through your SEO content, from the main body of your text to headers, to tags and to your link building, your content will have a greater chance of developing traction, credibility and purpose.


4. Form a content plan

You will need a content plan to work on your strategy. This will cover the type of content you’ll need to create, how often you should publish your content and the call to action behind your content.

This is a very important step of setting up an SEO content strategy, as structure, justification and purpose will be required to rank your strategy as worthwhile.


5. Follow your plan to create content

Your content plan should be followed every time you look to create and publish content. This will offer direction, a timeline and a reason to create certain types of content. Planning ahead will offer organisation and clarity for creating and publishing content on an ongoing basis.

A strategy will also ensure that your content is of quality, is engaging and is also optimised for search engine display.


6. Consider and use SEO analytics

To ensure that content remains relevant, useful and effective, you should always analyse the viability of your SEO strategy. Making use of Google analytics, considering keyword trends and setting KPI’s for your content will help to define this.

If your results are low, this is the time to re-evaluate and revisit the first step of setting up an SEO content strategy, ensuring that your business objectives are clear and realistic. You can then ensure the standards of your content and plan are capable of meeting your business objectives.

We hope that the above breakdown of 6 ways to set up an SEO content strategy has helped to answer some of our FAQ’s of ‘what is SEO content strategy?’ and ‘is content marketing right for my business?’.

We are however here for all SEO needs at Maxweb Solutions, whether you require greater support, need help with your content planning, or hope to transfer full responsibility over to our agency.

Content marketing, with SEO in mind, if used correctly can transform your online efforts. Reach out to secure an effective SEO content strategy to follow and utilise to meet your business objectives.

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