Advantages of Shopify Website

Jun 04, 2021

Choosing an eCommerce store is not a small decision. It is very important and will play a big part in the success of any online business.

As eCommerce continues to explode as a result of the COVID-19 global pandemic, a trend expected to continue well into the next decade, and new ways of business have evolved. Physical stores are not necessary for a business.

Your webstore may well be the backbone of your entire business and as such, picking the right platform is of paramount importance.

For your eCommerce business to thrive in the crowded marketplace that is the internet however, your store must be both aesthetically pleasing and functional. Building a store can be difficult, and this is why most business owners use hosted platforms.

A Shopify website is one of the best all round choices available to you. A Shopify website for services allows for excellent simplicity, efficiency, quality, and functionality.


What is a Shopify Website?

Shopify is a webstore for eCommerce that allows a business to sell services or products requiring the minimal amount of configuration. Selling single products, or handfuls of products on Shopify is very simple.

Shopify allows you to sell both digital and physical goods. If your business model is geared around selling products with a small number of sizes, materials or colours then Shopify could prove to be an ideal option for you.

That said, it is important to remember that the built-in variation will max out at a hundred variations.

If you are selling a wide array or a handful of products, then Shopify is a very viable solution offering customisation options such as themes and tools.


What services do Shopify Websites offer?

If web design and setting up websites isn’t your thing, then even the idea of starting an eCommerce platform might seem intimidating. However, Shopify eliminates this concern or a requirement for technical expertise as it offers a full range of services.

The platform has developed a user-friendly interface, and an intuitive admin interface – upon completing the tutorials that are available on the Shopify website, it will only take a matter of minutes to create an eye-catching, unique store using bespoke templates.

There is plenty of information available about how to change to a Shopify website in order to keep your store looking fresh and modern.

Most internet users will access websites by using a mobile device. Due to this, it is important that a website is mobile responsive – this is a key element if you want your eCommerce platform to be successful.

If a website is not mobile ready and the user experience is clunky, buggy or inefficient, this will inevitably translate into lost custom.

With this in mind, Shopify is designed to consider mobile responsiveness and to frequently update its features – ensuring a smooth customer shopping experience.


Good Shopify website examples

A Shopify website has the key benefit of having security measures in place to combat cybercrime, and a commitment to continually improve.

It’s an unfortunate fact that cybercrime is one of the most elevated threats to all businesses in the current climate, and when a customer makes a purchase from you, their expectation is that their sensitive data will be safe

If data like credit card information ends up in the wrong hands, the customer’s personal information will be at risk and your business may be held liable. Most successful Shopify websites have security at their heart and Shopify is a good way to be sure that data is being processed in the most secure method possible.

Implementing a reliable, secure payment gateway is challenging for online retailers who are using a self-hosted website. It is therefore vital to have a variety of alternative, secure payment options. If not, there is a risk that you lose customers due to minor technicalities.

It is easy to set up a payment gateway on Shopify, and stripe payment is available on the Shopify platform. By using stripe payment options, you will not incur any fees for transactions between your customers and you.

If you have customers who do not use a credit or debit card, or are wary of using them online, then other payment options such as PayPal are available.

You are also able to include the name of your store on Shopify as the charging entity – this will provide a boost to your store’s credibility, build trust and likely lead to an increase in the number of return customers.


Shopify website for services

One important aspect of eCommerce is marketing. Shopify makes this important task much simpler. Shopify provides access to a number of marketing tools, such as product reviews, social media sharing facilities and e-mail marketing.

You can also use Shopify tools to create discount vouchers. You should create eye-catching and vibrant landing pages for your PPC social ads or Google Ads with Shopify so that you can take advantage of one of Shopify’s most powerful features. SEO features will allow you to boost your website rank so long as you have an extremely clean code.


How MaxWeb can help your business

If you are looking at increasing your presence in the online marketplace, why not give MaxWeb a call? We can help you with how to change a Shopify website and move forwards a website that you already have.

We can lend you our expertise of our most successful Shopify websites, discuss your Shopify website for services and provide information on Shopify website cost/charge.

With fifteen years of experience, we are Google partners and we have a very experienced team of SEO consultants, project managers, designers and developers who are all here to help improve the visibility of your business and drive traffic to your website.

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