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Our Insights: Top 5 Learnings from the AWS Event

Dec 15, 2023

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Some of the team at Maxweb have recently attended the Amazon Web Services event to expand our in-house knowledge of AI and how we can implement it.

AWS events are designed to bring together AWS customers, partners, developers, and experts to discuss and learn about their services, solutions, and best practices, as well as to showcase the latest innovations in AI and how they can be utilised.

The AWS event taught our attendees how businesses can utilise and implement AI and use it to improve Maxweb’s own business practices and methodologies. Amazon Web Services also explained how we can implement AI using their services and the benefits of using this system.

Find out our key learnings from the AWS event below.


Our Takeaways from the Amazon Web Services Event

Learning more about how AI can be utilised by businesses for digital marketing and how it can be used to improve productivity were the key takeaways from the AWS event.

Find out 5 of the top learnings our team gained from the seminar:

The Business Value of Generative AI

The AWS event taught our team how different organisations and businesses can use AI to improve productivity and to improve business value.

Some of the ways AI can improve business is via:

  • Code generation – the productivity of developers can be improved with an AI coding companion.
  • Virtual assistants – by utilising AI virtual assistants on websites, you can improve customer experience.
  • Fast content generation – AI can create content, images, videos and more which can speed up the process when building and updating a website.
  • Design and creativity suggestions – prototypes, creative suggestions and new concepts can be created with AI.
  • Customer insights – data and insights can be summarised using AI.
  • Improved personalisation – AI can provide personalised recommendations and generate tailored content for customers.

AI Can Improve Customer Engagement

According to AWS, over 100,000 customers currently use AWS for AI and ML. Technology such as the Amazon Alexa device and the Amazon Prime Air drone delivery system improves customer engagement and their interaction with the service.

How Generative AI Can Impact the Design Industry

From graphic design to industries such as automotive and manufacturing, generative AI can optimise workflow and design by producing product designs that are unique and to brief. This can both lower costs due to the time saved designing and testing materials to see if they will be suitable, as well as simplify the design process.

For industries such as the manufacturing industry, generative AI can improve product testing by generating key information and improving existing datasheets. This is a highly valuable resource to use and implement.

The Benefits of AI Chatbots for Business

Potential customers who visit business websites can benefit from an AI chatbot that can resolve questions or problems a person may have. This can build trust between the company and the visitor, especially as AI chatbots are able to respond to queries faster than a worker would.

Using AI means that chatbots can also use data and information from external sources to answer complicated questions or anything which requires further research. Chatbots also increase worker efficiency if it is not required to manually check for questions.

How to Use AI in Code

Generative AI applications can complete tasks in minutes by providing prompts and utilising the software for developer advantage. Our team was taught how to provide basic instructions and prompts to AI software to help code and improve business processes.

We were taught how using AI to code can break down and simplify tasks, how it can use company data, and the custom models that can be used to benefit from this new software.

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Our Insights: Top 5 Learnings from the AWS Event