The Importance Of Google Reviews For Your SEO

Sep 10, 2021

When you hear or come across the term SEO, what comes to mind? Google search engine results, search optimised website copy and link-building may be a few examples.

Although the above are crucial to any successful SEO strategy, Google Reviews are just as important. However, many business owners are yet to understand why. As a result, it is not uncommon for the importance of Google Reviews to be overlooked.

Having provided SEO services to clients for more than ten years, here at MaxWeb Solutions, we understand just how important Google Reviews are for any SEO strategy. To ensure that you are aware of the importance of Google Reviews for your SEO, we delve into Google Reviews and the impact they have on SEO here.

What Are Google Reviews?

Published by approximately 49% of internet users worldwide, Google Reviews are online reviews that have a notable impact on an organisation’s online reputation.

Often scrutinised by customers when local searches are conducted for specific products, services and solutions, Google Reviews help businesses stand out.

Google Reviews also develop trust among internet users, increase the likelihood that a customer will visit a website and impact revenue.

How Much Influence Do Google Reviews Have On SEO?

Just as word-of-mouth and social media reviews substantially influence customer purchasing decisions, Google Reviews do too.

In fact, it could be argued that Google Reviews have a larger influence than other online reviews, especially as 63.6% of customers visit Google to read reviews before making a purchasing decision.

How Do Google Reviews Influence SEO?

In addition to increasing revenue and website conversions, Google Reviews influence SEO results. We have outlined how Google Reviews directly influence SEO performance and website visibility below to offer greater insight.

An Increase In Google Reviews And Stars Enhance Website Clicks and Revenue 
When customers leave positive reviews via Google, businesses are awarded up to five stars. Allocated by Google as review scores, reviews and the total number of reviews are calculated, stars essentially increase the number of times a link or website home page is clicked on.

Not only can businesses that have between four and five stars on Google Reviews expect to acquire a larger influx in website clicks and conversions, but they can also expect a greater amount of revenue too.

Though you may not believe that Google Review stars directly impact your revenue, research determines that 9% more revenue is obtained for every star a business receives.

Increased Clicks Builds Website Trust And Boots SEO Results
As your click-through rates and website conversions increase, Google will begin to evaluate just how trustworthy your website is.

Websites that are deemed trustworthy will essentially rank higher on search engine results pages. In turn, SEO results increase, enabling businesses to reach their target customer when Google searches are conducted.

In contrast, businesses with reduced website traffic will have a lower search engine result page ranking, decreasing their chance of being seen by customers throughout the decision making journey.

Improving Your SEO With Google Reviews

Having understood the importance of Google Reviews for your SEO, you may now want to uncover how you can enhance Google Review results as soon as possible. Though you may think that doing so is somewhat straightforward, the power essentially lies with your customers.

From encouraging customers to leave Google Reviews to replying to negative reviews, we have shared several tips that will help you improve your SEO with Google Reviews below.

Provide Outstanding Customer Service

Although this may seem like a no-brainer, providing outstanding customer service, be it online, over the telephone or in-person, is key to acquiring customer reviews. In fact, positive experiences encourage at least 56% of customers to share their experiences.

Ask Your CustomersToLeave A Review

While customers will often leave reviews on their own accord, in some instances, asking your customers to do so may be necessary.

Whether you are a small business or a large scale company, there are a few ways you can request reviews from your customers. For example, if you own a small business and predominantly communicate with your customers via Instagram, you could create a post or story asking anyone who has purchased from you to leave a review.

If you manage a larger company, we recommend linking your Google Review page at the bottom of your marketing communications.

Additionally, you could encourage customers who have contacted you via your website chat box to take a moment to review how you have helped them with their queries.

Reply To Reviews

As customers leave reviews and share their experience with your business with others, you must take the time to reply to them.

Although doing so may seem painstaking, replying to reviews will contribute to customer satisfaction and encourage customers to leave reviews in the future, should they be inclined to take advantage of the services you provide again.

Irrespective of whether you reply to a positive or negative review, managing your reviews will also enhance your local SEO and visibility.

The Importance Of Google Reviews For Your SEO

As shared above, Google Reviews can have a significant impact on your SEO. Positive reviews that provide your business with more than four Google Review stars will ultimately enhance your SEO performance and enable you to gain a competitive advantage.

Meanwhile, a lack of Google Reviews could hinder your performance and see your website fall to the bottom of search engine results pages.

For this very reason, positive Google Reviews are vital for businesses looking to enhance their online reputation and SEO.

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